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Open City

Good morning, guys.  Just a quick note before I head over to practice.

I was blessed with the opportunity to have one of my stories selected for inclusion in Open City.  [Here's Open City's wiki] Open City is a very cool outfit -- it is a literary magazine based in NYC edited by Thomas Beller,  who happens to be both very patient and nuts about basketball.  Two things that played very well in my favor.  He spent hours helping me refine my Summer League story that ran on Hardwood Paroxysm in August and I am very happy with the new version, which goes a little bit deeper into Monty Williams and Jerryd Bayless.

It would be cool if you purchased a copy of Open City #26.  I do not profit from your purchase but I would really appreciate the support and hearing your thoughts on the new story.  It's only $10 and I'm sure you'll find the stories, poems and images in Open City to be well worth it.  Thanks guys.

-- Ben (


UPDATE, 12:39PM:  There was no practice today, instead, according to the Blazers' Jim Taylor, today was a "maintenance day."  I'm not 100% sure if maintenance refers to the facility, the players' bodies, the players' psyche, or all of the above.  

In any case, while driving home I saw a REALLY tall man in a grey hoodie walking by himself along Boones Ferry in the direction of an empty construction site.  Guess who? 

Shavlik Randolph.  

Hilarious.  Let's Blaze, it's your mission to find out where the heck he was going and why he was going there in freezing cold weather. Is it wrong of me to suspect that Jerryd Bayless was testing the fences again?

Another FYI: I did see a few players' cars in the parking lot but nobody was on the court... so at least 2 guys were on site either working out or receiving treatment.