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Post-Game Reaction Thread

A rare thing happened to me tonight.  Snow caused a blackout of my satellite reception for much of the game.  I did see the end of regulation and the overtimes.  I'll have brief impressions in a second, added in to this post after it's up.  But I make it a point not to recap games fully that I haven't watched with my own eyes.  I don't believe boxscore recaps tell the story.

SO...Ben will have the media report up, but I'm also asking you for something.  In addition to the usual rants that follow losses, give us some analysis so that people checking in can figure out what happened during the game.  I'm not talking 85 paragraphs here (unless you want to) but I'd love to see a little more than, "I'll tell you why we lost...because Nate sucks!"

This is your chance to do the Blazersedge thang.  Have at it.

--Dave ( are my added thoughts on the end of the game.

--If you're going to make it as a contender in the playoffs someday it's good to learn this lesson now:  one play can make all the difference and that play is often the small and routine one.  Of course you can point to Blake's free throws.  He'll be kicking himself all night for missing repeatedly at the end of regulation.  That's part of it.  But for the second straight tight game down the stretch we had to burn an extra timeout because we couldn't inbound the ball.  It didn't bite us this time, but that's exactly the kind of thing that you can regret for an entire off-season when it goes wrong at a criticial juncture.  You must be professional.  You must be detail-oriented.  You must play every possession like it's important.

--It's kind of sick being down by 2 or 3 when the opponent has the ball because you know we're going to pay for the relative lack of perimeter defenders.  It's harder to disguise it in those situations.

--Brandon Roy is an amazing scorer, period.  You could tell he was getting tired in the second overtime because he was just launching from distance but before that he was spectacular.  In certain moments he looks every bit the equal of any scoring star in the league.

--Nate showed a lot of confidence in Oden leaving him in there.  The big guy was active on the boards.

--Notice how the Clippers started getting physical when the game got more intense?

--If there's one thing I'd question the Blazers about it's the lack of help defense during the overtimes.  You knew the Clippers were going through two guys:  Baron Davis and Zach Randolph.  Anyone see either of those two guys doubled after regulation ended?  I didn't.  With the Blazers running on fumes you've got to send a second man and make Mardy Collins or somebody else beat you.  Especially with Zach.  As Mike Rice mentioned repeatedly, he's not passing the ball.  Ever.

--You pretty much knew that our goose was cooked by the way we were slowing down.  We just ran out of gas at the end.  We badly need this weekend of rest.  Let's hope we come back renewed physically and emotionally.