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Today's Poll -- Television Picture Quality Edition

Before you do anything else, go listen to Sean Meagher's podcast interview with KP. Otherwise, Norsktroll might link it in another 65 threads. I kid because I love. This might be Sean's finest hour.

Today's poll question was suggested via Bat Phone text...

I guess we know how Dave answers this poll. While we're on the topic of television, am I the only one whose Comcast/NBC games come in terribly, even with a High Def TV? It's night and day switching back and forth between ESPN/TNT and the local channels. Even when the local guys are broadcasting in HD. Can you buy a pair of HD eyeglasses that will improve the quality? Any suggestions? Let's talk picture quality in the comments. Or, tell us some funny stories. That works too.

-- Ben (

PS... small new site feature: the current week's top stories will now appear on the bottom of the left sidebar. If you go on vacation or miss a few days, you can find the digest version of the site -- including all game recaps/media reports and Dave's weekly podcast-- right there.