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Announcing the SPRING Blazersedge Get-Together

The window has closed on participating in Blazersedge Night at the Garden on December 27th, but even as that window closes a new door opens...

One of the disadvantages to going to a game live is that we don't get much chance to talk to each other or get to know each other.  We're going to remedy that by getting together on Thursday, March 5th to watch Portland on the road versus Denver on TNT.  The place we're meeting is The Agency in downtown Portland, across from PGE Park.  They're a great sports bar.  One of the Comcast shows is filmed there.  They have TVs up the ying-yang.  And they're more than eager to host us for the evening.

We'll talk more about this as the time approaches, but circle the date on your calendar now.

Also to hold you over until then, Dennis, one of the fine proprietors of said establishment, has said that if you mention you're a Blazersedge reader you'll get 10% off of anything you order there.  You don't have to wait until March, that's starting now.  Thanks Dennis!

--Dave (