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Today's Poll -- Brandon Roy Superstar Evolution Edition

Last night at the Rose Garden, I was in a Ben sandwich between Wendell Maxey and Kevin Pelton. One of the topics we discussed during the game was...

Is Brandon Roy starting to carry himself like a superstar, for better and worse?

To my eye, Brandon seems to be arguing calls longer and louder than I can ever remember. He is also selling calls as he drives to the basket louder and earlier than I can remember. As witnessed most memorably during the Boston game, he is also becoming more confrontational in talking with the opposition.

I hadn't really noticed any ill consequences of these developments until last night, when Brandon found himself arguing a call in the backcourt long after the ball had been pushed up court the other direction. Sure enough, his man found himself wide open for a top-of-the-key 3 and Brandon couldn't recover in time.

Let's vote on Brandon's newfound ref angst and discuss the implications of said angst in the comments.

-- Ben (