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Jersey Contest Winner!

The final Jersey Contest results from October-November have been tabulated!  Here are the top ten scorers, culminating with our winner:


10.  Amlmart1   814 pts

9.  JBCooper80   820 pts

8.  DirtyFernandez   823 pts

7.  OldSchool   827 pts

6.  You’veGotToMakeYourFreeThrows  849  pts

5.  Zaron5551  852 pts

4.  Itheryn  862 pts

3.  Tweener  867 pts

2.  BlazerBear  881 pts


And the October-November jersey winner is…


1.  MavetheGreat  884 pts



Congratulations to MavetheGreat!  Also don’t despair if you just missed out.  You’re still in great position to get invited into the end-of-the-year playoffs for the Grand Prize.  Just keep playing and keep those scores high.


Also we’ve had to change the way we’re going bonus prizes this year.  In years past we’ve given a small bonus prize to anyone who hit a target score.  That worked great when there were 150 people playing.  With 700 people playing (and yes, there were that many) too many people hit the number to make it practical and affordable.  So here’s the deal.  This year’s target number is 77.  Anybody who hits a 77 during the month goes into a random drawing to be given an original, frame-worthy caricature of a Blazer player courtesy of Amlmart1.  I have some caricatures in hand already and will be receiving more.  It’s a little bit less cool that you don’t automatically get a prize for hitting the bonus number but the prize you do get if you win is a lot cooler, so it works out.


This month’s winner of the caricature, drawn at random from all the people who scored a 77 sometime during the month, is PorterFan30.


Hopefully we have the kinks worked out of the system after our shakedown month.  Thanks for sticking with us through the sometimes-delayed scoreboard reports.  And thanks to Manzell for getting things to work!  Don’t forget we start from scratch with Tuesday’s game against the Knicks.  Somebody will win another jersey in December!  The form for the next game is here


--Dave (