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Today's Poll

Like I told you weeks ago, Sergio and his agent believe he needs to move on from the Portland Trail Blazers.

Finally, after beating around the bushes, Sergio's Spanish agent chose the most exciting night of the year to come right out and issue a trade demand.

This is absolutely not a surprise and I don't think this does much to change Sergio's position one way or the other. [Update: Indeed, Pritchard issued the expected denial with a smackdown of the agent to Jason Quick.]

He wants more time. There isn't more time available. He wants to be a higher priority. He's not high on Nate's priority list. Immovable objects. Impasse.

Put aside the question of "will he be traded?" for a second. Let's assume for a minute that Sergio's agent's demand is met. What do we need to see in return? After all, he looked pretty solid last night (although there were some flashes where he made Aaron Brooks look like Isiah Thomas).

-- Ben (