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Brandon, Are You Clutch?

After a mob of more than 25 journalists and cameremen cleared out, I snuck over to talk with Brandon Roy about his two ridiculous shots down the stretch that won tonight's game against the Rockets.  Here is our conversation.

Blazersedge: You hear a lot of people talk about "clutch play" in the NBA. Are you clutch right now?  


I believe in myself.  I take pride in trying to make big shots. Even before tonight. This late in games, I tell Coach, "I want the ball." I want the chance to help win this game.  

Tonight, the clutch play came through.

I try to stay level-headed because, you know, sometimes they fall for you and sometimes they don't.

Blazersedge: Does your pulse race in those situations?

I am more calm in those situations.

I'm relaxed and trying to get a good look. The big thing is confidence. On that last shot, I just had confidence, I just believed that I could make it and make up for the mistake I made earlier [when Brandon fouled Yao].

Blazersedge: Where does that calm and confidence come from?  

A lot of it is being there before. At a young age, I always believed I could do it. Tough shots and game-winners for me are an opportunity for me to make a big play.

Blazersedge: The play where Artest stripped the ball from you in regulation. Aldridge came up, looking maybe to set a screen?

It was a play where he was supposed to set a screen, but I didn't want him to set the screen. It was miscommunication. Ron Artest did a good job stripping the ball.

Blazersedge: Were you looking to get a pick and roll to Aldridge?


I wanted to go one on one with Ron.

Coach had called a screen. We got a little bit confused and I made a few mistakes.  It was nice to finally pull off a win.

Blazersedge: Compared to guys like Raja Bell or others that you've matched up with lately, how do you compare Artest's game?

Raja did a good job, they do a good job different ways. Ron is physical. You've got to guard Ron on the defensive end. He's so strong, he's always pushing, always grabbbing. Raja is more of a spot up shooter. Defensively, they've all done a good job on me. 

Blazersedge: When Barry was on you, were you thinking "shot, shot, shot"?

Nah, I was thinking "be aggressive" every time. Make a play. I was able to make some. Miss some. Normally it's about playing 48 minutes.

Tonight it was 53 minutes.

And I was finally able to make some plays.


Postscript: When questioned by a foreign reporter, Brandon said that he voted for Obama and that "Obama winning the election is bigger than any shot I could make."


That's it from me for tonight. Coach McMillan's reaction and the rest of the game notes will be coming tomorrow morning.

-- Ben (