What happened to this site?

I have always come to Blazersedge for intelligent and well articulated Blazers talk.  I always felt that even if someone disagreed with me, my opinion was respected and I was not vilified for having a different view.

Lately, I have seen some very disturbing things in the fanposts.  Fanposts filled with hate for our own players! Everyone should be traded, and everyone should be fired! People writing outrageous claims just to get attention and more comments.

Fanposts are no longer filled with intelligent discussion that is well thought out and reasonable.  They have turned into rant walls with no filter and uncontrolled emotions taking over instead of rationale thought.  Personal attacks on players, coach's, and other commentators should not be acceptable here. 

I know people at this site are passionate fans.  And they love being able to voice their opinions and talk freely with other Blazer fans, I do too.  And that is what makes this site so great. But in order to keep this site great, we must not let the power of anonymity take over and hold ourselves and other accountable for what they say.

So please, when you are writing fanposts, fanhsots, or even comments, lets keep the discourse civil, open-minded, and friendly. Take a few minutes before you make a bold claim and make sure that you have supporting evidence to back up your claim.

If you disagree with some of my opinions, I respect your thoughts, and would be willing to rationally discuss them in the comments.