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Jersey Contest Up and Running

The Jersey Contest is mostly back after a weekend hiatus to debug.  You can enter your form for tomorrow's Jazz game right here.  The form for Thursday's game against Houston will appear as soon as the Jazz game finishes.  You can find rules for the Jersey Contest in the sidebar if you don't know what we're talking about.  (You can win a Blazers's cool!)

I say the contest is "mostly" back because we're not sure we've gotten the last kinks worked out yet.  However the part of the process that determines your scores is intact and working, so these games (and the season opener) will count.  The problem is in the compiling and reporting.  In other words we know what your score is, we just can't make the computer spit them out in an orderly fashion so we can tell you about it without me having to re-type the whole list and sort by score.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Have fun!

--Dave (