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Vote Here and You Will Be Famous

Trumpets Blaring.... BIG NEWS ALERT...

Congratulations, guys, you made the Oregonian!

All you had to do was vote in our Blazers Edge polls! Look at you blowing up like bubble gum....

Here's my weekly reminder to voting lurkers: register a screenname and join in the commenting. Out of the shadows! Now!

And, while I'm at it... join our (chronically neglected) facebook group so that you can network with your fellow readers. I promise to update that thing at some point this season. Maybe I'll even facebook message the group an exclusive Blazers picture after every home game? I just thought of that while typing this. That's a pretty good idea! if you need additional motivation, scroll down and check out the beautiful/handsome people you'll be lucky enough to be anonymous, internet friends with... Your fantasies can come true, or at least be stoked by thumbnail images of strangers that share a devotion to a website and professional basketball team. OK, I'll stop.

BE FAMOUS. VOTE NOW. As always, explain yourself in the comments...

-- Ben (