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Game 15 Preview: Kings vs. Blazers

We just destro...uhhh... demolis...uhhh... played against the Kings in such a manner that it left them talking to themselves all of two games ago, so there's no need for a whole new preview.  You can find the scoop on Portland vs. Sacramento here if you didn't read it before.

Cliff's Notes version:

--Be aware that the Kings shooting a high percentage, while always gives them a chance.  However if you can take even a little starch out of their offense they'll not win, as they need 100 desperately to succeed.

--The Sacramento centers will try to pull the Portland big men outside, as they shoot lights out from distance.  Portland should turn the tables by assaulting the lane all evening.

--Key on John Salmons defensively.  He's the guy keeping their heads, well, if not above water at least close to the surface.

Revenge is always a motivator and it wouldn't be smart to take this game lightly.  Sacramento probably won't get blown out again.  But I'd be more worried about Miami returning the favor on Wednesday than the Kings tonight.  We'll see.

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