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I Lost A Bet

You may or may not remember this... but right before the last time we played the Suns I declared Nic Batum a Hall of Famer, which led to this bet with Phoenix Stan.  Of course I lost that bet (Let the record show that Dave had the good sense, as always, not to take the sucker's bet in the first place).  

The result of the bet was that I had to pose in a Suns jersey and post the picture on the site.  And, with gritted teeth, I was cool with that... right up until Phoenix Stan mailed me a SHAWN MARION jersey.  

Look I understand owning up on a lost bet.  I couldn't live with myself as a weasel. But "The Matrix" (more like "The Virus") transformed this from a gentleman's wager into pure public humiliation.  

Thankfully, the Blazers Edge Spanish Airmada amlmart1 and Paco came through just in time with a great caricature to save my real (smaller, pastier) face some of the humiliation.  You guys rule (keep an eye out for more Paco art in the near future).  Anyway, here's the ridiculous picture.


And, so I don't start feeling self-conscious after posting this, here's an even more ridiculous picture.

Multimedia message on TwitPic

Paging Stat Quo ... Paging Stat Quo...

Let the record state that I will ride or die with Batum any day of the week. Like tonight.

-- Ben (