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A Silly Poll to Start Your Morning

OK, so right below this post is our interview with Gavin Dawson, a.k.a. The People's Champ.  Obviously the nickname is lifted from the Great One, The Rock himself, and Dawson is the only one who's non-Jabroni enough around these parts to carry it off.  But it did get me thinking about what wrestlers' personas would most fit the rest of us sports-talk guys were we all to adopt them.

I thought it would be fun to be Shawn Michaels myself, the Main Event, Showstopper, etc.  But though I am charismatic enough in my own way I don't quite have the "Look at Me" flair to pull that off.  In the end I figure I'm more of a ring technician like Bret Hart.  (I wouldn't mind being Triple H either but I'm not sure I have the heel personality.  There are a couple of people around here I should have pedigreed a while ago...)  Bret was great at what he did, told amazing stories in the ring, wore the belt, defined a generation, but his style came through best in his work, not necessarily in his showiness.

If you'd like to offer an alternative to the "Excellence of Execution" label for me I'd be willing to hear that, but the real point of the poll is that we're missing a nickname for the other guy on our podcast crew, Casey Holdahl.  He's a natural as Lance Uppercut but that's not an acclaimed wrestler and so doesn't count.  We cannot let this day go by without smacking a label on him as well!

It seems to me Casey's hallmark attributes are his sense of humor, his astonishing work with multimedia, his understated manner so that you don't notice him until all of a sudden he does something amazing, and the ability to maneuver his way in where nobody has gone before and stick.  Sounds like maybe...Edge?  Christian?  I don't know.  Captain Charisma does kind of fit.

So anyway, help us out with this if you know what the heck we're talking about.  If you want to compare other Portland media personalities to wrestler personas feel free to do that too.  Canzano anyone?  Jaynes?  BEN?????

This isn't the kind of poll that lends itself to that new-fangled click box.  Register your thoughts in the comments.  Knock yourself out!

--Dave (