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HDTV Advice

Rumor has it that somebody might have gotten a little somethin' somethin' as a bonus for Christmas, and somebody might be looking to spend that bonus on an HDTV in order to watch the Blazers more closely (or at least clearly).  I know that many of you have already made the HDTV leap and so I'm opening this thread for any advice you might have or testimonials about your own sets that you've liked (or haven't).

At this point I am thinking either a medium LCD screen or a large, rear-projection DLP LED system (no bulbs!) will be the way to go.  I don't think I want a plasma that fades over time and I don't think I want to be replacing bulbs every few months.  I am willing to be talked around though.  If you have any advice or first-hand experience with the LCD or newer DLP-rear-projection systems I'm especially attentive.  To be affordable the LCD screen would be somewhat smaller but they are generally reviewed as being marginally clearer than the larger, rear-projection screens.  Is that true?  Is there a noticeable difference?  Do you notice size or clarity more?  So...many...choices.

This should really improve your Blazer coverage, right?

--Dave (