Forgive Me Pritchard, For I Have Sinned

I lifted this idea from California Golden Blogs via EDSBS: Think of this as Blazers fans' own confessional booth, where you can talk to KP and all of you sins will be forgiven. I don't want to accuse anyone of being unfaithful to our Trail Blazers but with the GO's recent ankle injury and the operations on Brandon, Channing, Martell, and don't forget Paul Allen, this is as good a time as any for the consciousness' of all BEers to be purged. If there is anything that you have done or said that is giving the Blazer's and their individual bones, joints, and organs bad karma, this is the place to get that monkey off your back and get rid of any bad juju that was not dispersed in Dave's infamous bonfire. 

Here goes:

  • I sometimes enjoy watching K*be Bryant.
  • I own a J.R. Rider jersey.
  •  I used a vulgar word in questioning KP's intelligence in forgoing picking any three of Chris Douglas Roberts, Mario Chalmers and Donte Green in his brilliant acquisition of Nicolas Batum.
  • Once, I spit on the Rose Garden's sidewalk.
  • If I had a second favorite team it would be the Celtics.
  • I agreed with Shaq last night when he said "Przybilla can't guard when I'm 27, 37 or 47." (although even KP knows this is true)
  • I wave every time I see a yellow Hummer just in case Damon Stoudamire is inside.