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The second half of the Gameday Thread tonight was full of profanity, disguised profanity, and general crapulence.  Like many of you, my computer slows down when having to traverse the fully mature Gameday Threads.  The tech people are working on it but for the early part of the season it's just something we have to live with.  The upshot is that I spent over half an hour trying to clean up the thread before I decided just to nuke it.  Some longer-term members have been suspended as a result and some shorter-term members have been banned outright.

Let me spell this out:

--No profanity on this site.  It doesn't matter what you thought the refs did.  No profanity on this site, period.

--That means you may not talk about what comes out of a cow's rear end.  You may not say anything about copulation with parents.  You may not use graphic terms for body parts.

--There's no disguised profanity on this site either.  I have let some "effins" and "f'ins" go by because they've been occasional but that's evidently been my mistake as they're picking up.  They add nothing concrete, not even meaningful emphasis, to your statements and they are a violation of site rules.  Just stop.

--You may not compare anything that happens in a sporting event to the forcible violation of a woman's body.

--In all things, err on the side of courtesy and civility in public discourse.

If you cannot manage this, you will not remain here. 

--Dave (

ALSO:  Do not post any pictures or graphics in the Gameday Threads other than Timbo with the boxscore, which is serving a community purpose.