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To Market, To Market

Jeff Weeks over at our Boston Celtics affiliate took the time to rank the teams around the NBA...not by talent, record, or prospects, but by their marketing campaigns.  He has Portland smack dab in the low-20's, near the bottom of the pile.

Now, one can hardly blame the Trail Blazers after last year's cringe-inducing "Rise With Us" campaign.  It sounded more like the introduction to the pledge of allegiance than a ticket-selling wonder.  "Where's the Beef?" it wasn't.  Nevertheless, Jeff wants a slogan/campaign and he ought to have one.

So here's the task for the afternoon.  Let's come up with a snappy phrase or commercial pitch that gets the Blazers out of the league cellar in Jeff's eyes and back to their rightful place in the middle of the pack...uh...I mean at the top of the charts.  You never know.  If your idea is good enough it might get picked up!

--Dave (