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Today's Poll

Quickly: Following up on yesterday's "B Roy for MVP Candidate" talk, you can read the first results of the blogger ballots at Hoops Addict. A few of you had Brandon listed at or around #13 on your list. Congrats to you -- that's where he ended up.

Before we get to today's poll -- let's talk about the game notes that are available on the team's official site. Don't know what I'm talking about? See the same information that's available to media members before games by clicking here. In fact, the URL is...

If you simply change the team name in the URL, you can transport around the league to get the latest information about whatever team you desire. Cool trick. That's old hat to some of you, I'm sure. For others... now you know. Most of the info packet stays pretty much the same throughout the year, but Page 2 will always have good background on the upcoming opponent.

On to today's poll.

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