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Practice Report

I don't have much of anything for you from practice today.  There was some confusion about scheduling and by the time I got there, practice had already been called and the gym was pretty much empty. What I gathered from asking around is the following:

1. No one asked Nate about Anthony "Tom" Morrow.  That makes me a teeny bit uneasy but that's why we've got scouts.  Let's put his over/under at 11.5 points tomorrow.  What say you?

2. Brandon was rocking a hoodie by LRG.   Not the first time I've seen him in LRG.  For those of you looking for the latest in "urban wear," I suggest stocking up this holiday season.

3. Nate is staying with the same lineup for the game tomorrow.  Nic starting. Greg not.  Dwight has more.

4.  Martell was in gym shoes, shorts and a workout top.  He was doing a leg strengthening exercise where he stood on two balance balls.  He had a long bar that he held with both hands behind his head and he would do sets of squats (I think they are called squats? I've been in a gym like seven times total  in my life) while balancing on the balls.  It looked hard.  Even from 20 feet away you could see his leg muscles straining. I will reiterate for the 97th time how excited I am for Martell's return in December.

Also I shook Kerry Eggers' hand.  It was cathartic. In honor of that, I will link to Mr. Eggers' thoughts on Terry Porter's jersey retirement.

This didn't make it in this morning's links post but you might check out Sean's collection of Greg Oden links.  Good stuff.

Anyway, I feel bad about not delivering a full practice report, so enjoy these leftover photos from the Minnesota game last week.  


-- Ben (



It's only a matter of time before Bayless is the face of some company's marketing program.


Brandon: most accessible star in the league?




Bayless Face.

-- Ben (