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Last Chance for Blazersedge Night Tickets

Your last chance to grab a ticket for Blazersedge Night at the Garden on December 27th is nigh.  You can find all of the necessary info here or simply e-mail Lisa Swan at or call 503-963-3966.

We have our own section of seats to see the Blazers face the Raptors.  Tickets are $22 ($17 plus a processing fee).  We have fewer than 20 tickets remaining.

At the end of this week any unsold tickets will be opened to people wishing to donate to kids who wouldn't otherwise be able to see a game.  Several people have e-mailed me about this possibility already so I can pretty much guarantee those tickets are going to be gone quickly.

So again, if you'd like to attend you need to purchase your tickets now.  Last call.

--Dave (