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Joe Freeman Honors Terry Porter -- TP describes listening to locker room stories at the 1991 All Star game: "I'm just soaking it all up like a kid in a candy store," [Porter] said. "My eyes were like a deer in the headlights."  

Quick relays that Bayless is one step closer to the edge -- "In particular, rookie point guard Jerryd Bayless and Sergio Rodriguez were exchanging determined drives and even more determined fouls. It was an especially hard foul by Bayless on Rodriguez that prompted Williams to end the session, much to the frustration and chagrin of all the players."

Dwight likes what he sees from Big GO -- "But if you're going to try to make the case that he's not going to be a very good player or that he's not talented enough or big enough to be a big factor on the floor, well, I'm going to have to fight you on that. Man, he's starting to come out of his shell now - and he's showing enough that you can see what a major influence he can have on a game."

In case you missed Ball Don't Lie's interview with Brandon Roy last week. 

TheBigLead provides the national perspective, says Oden is "reminiscent of a young Shaq" and has some YouTube links for your perusal.

Hendrickson on Oden:  "Oden is consistently scaring teams away from the basket -- something the Blazers simply couldn't do before, even with 7-foot-1 center Joel Przybilla, himself a strong defensive center, in the lineup. But with Oden, the Blazers have posted their best two defensive performances around the basket during the last two games, and averaged nearly a full block more against layups and dunks with Oden in the lineup."

Brother Wendell hands out grades to Rudy Fernandez and, perhaps, publicly questions Rudy's style of play for the first time: "You have to ask yourself: is the guy being sloppy or is he trying to make something happen?"

Casey with some LMA talk:  "After much pleading from Nate McMillan and the rest of the coaching staff, Aldridge finally got his face-up game going."

Coup at Rip City Project on 2009 free agents: "Jason Kidd is interesting, though. Yes, he's a terrible shooter and he's getting older than old, but he might be coming at a pretty decent discount for a one or two year contract. I'd keep my eye on Kidd, if only because I can see KP and Nate bringing him in, not to necessarily win us a championship, but to help the team chisel out its identity and learn how to execute its offense (though our ball movement looks fairly strong at the moment)."

Bust A Bucket is mad at Gavin over the Oden is a Bust talk.  

Jeff Trousdale with the University of Portland Beacon (student newspaper) saw his first game from press row, has 10 reasons why you should like the Blazers, and has a quote from some idiot, foul-mouthed blogger. 

Pete sent this in last week: an interview with Joel Freeland.  Attention Blazersedge Ambassadors: Now that Oden is back, let's not delay.  Start the campaign to inflate Freeland's trade value NOW.  Infiltrate your target site, casually mention how Freeland is being called the British Hakeem, feel free to make up some stats, do whatever it takes.  We need to do our part to make KP's life easier.

First Martha Stewart, now Mark Cuban (Deadspin).  My life's heroes are crumbling in front of my eyes.


Last but not least... as pointed out by MJCBMP in his fanpost the all star ballots are now open.  Go here to vote. According to Blogger Law, I'm obligated to say, "Stuff the ballot box for the Blazers!!!!" So go do that.


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