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As you know, as I have said it repeatedly, we don't get too much into predictions around here.  I do it for fun sometimes, like taking my shot during the pre-season rundown of the league, but we tend to talk far more about what is happening than what will happen.  That means, generally speaking, when we do make a prediction it's pretty darn solid.

Well I was looking at the schedule tonight and noticed that we're 6-4 through 10 games in November with 8 remaining.  Back when the schedule was released it was instantly apparent that November and December were our hell months.  Only the very latest games in the season even come close (and they don't come very close at all).  As I reflected on the Blazers' play so far, looked at the schedule to come, and tallied up the numbers it became pretty apparent to me that we're going to win at least 3 of the remaining 8 games in the month.  That means we'll exit November with no worse than a .500 record.  That, folks, portends great things as far as a bid for a playoff seed.  If we can avoid a major, abysmal, pit-of-doom stumble in December we're going to be in amazing shape.  If we can exit December at or near .500 the shape will be more than amazing.  This team is probably going to make a run in the new year that is going to get people around the league buzzing.  Don't let that fool you...we're not ready to actually make noise in the playoffs yet and that's unlikely to change during the course of this season.  However if you just think in the context of making the playoffs, a record near .500 now means that whatever run we make when the schedule eases will allow us a great shot.

Anything can happen with young teams, of course.  Just as we've won some games we probably should have lost we will also lose some games we probably should have won.  You can't go down the schedule and pencil in wins against the Minnesotas and Clippers of the world.  Last night's game should have shown us that.  But it's both fair and correct to say that so far things are going extremely well and they're likely to be going well at the halfway point of this journey through schedule madness.  You couldn't ask for more.

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