Hornets 247: Game Previews


As Hornets ambassador, I keep tabs on their blogs (Hornets 247, At the Hive, Hornets Hype), and I came across this game preview. 1. He doesn't like Aldridge, saying his lack of any post game makes him David West-lite. 2. Says he doesn't think the Blazers are that great, even with Oden. 3. "Pritchard's hallmark has been skill with the press, a willingness to spend millions of his owner's money on typically low-reward draft picks, and extreme activity. His draft night binges remind me of that line from MacBeth. No, not 'I dare do all that may become a man', I was thinking 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'." Seems to me with out KP, we would have Telfair, Tyrus Thomas, Przbilla, Martell... the list goes on. We would have likely had a worse record the year of the draft and missed Oden as well. He really isn't as high on the Blazers as everyone else. I don't think they'll get the win on the road, but they should get the Hornets at the Rose Garden.