Visit From Bullets Forever/Truth About It

Hi there Blazers fans.....not too long ago, tssbro paid the Bullets Forever Community a visit. Well, I decided to return the favor today.

...and there's a reason. Last night, as I was watching our rookie sensation, JaVale McGee, perform against the Utah Jazz, I got a notion.

The notion was that I'd rather have JaVale McGee than Greg Oden.

Now, this isn't a knock against Oden....part of it has to do with the difference in offensive systems of our two teams. While Eddie Jordan is around, the Wizards will still desire to play at an accelerated pace (more so when Gilbert Arenas returns)....and boy can McGee glide up the floor; he's an amazing athlete.

But also, I'm worried that Oden will be perpretually dealing with injury problems.....and that seals the deal for me.

What say you?