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Jersey Contest Reminder x2

Two reminders about the Jersey Contest.

1.  The form for the Miami game is up in case you haven't entered yet.  You can find it here.  Remember the form for the next game opens up as soon as the current game is completed so you don't have to wait to enter.

2.  Already I've gotten a half dozen versions or so of this e-mail:

Hey Dave...where is my entry?  I'm sure I entered!

Since we've automated the forms, the answer to that question has been the same every time but once.  You entered, but you mis-typed either your name or your e-mail address, which means the game got scored separately.  Look for the almost-you farther down the list.

After explaining this the following e-mail comes:

Hey Dave...can you just fix that up for me?

Last year when the automated forms were new we did, indeed correct a couple of those errors because people were getting used to the system.  This year, however, we cannot.  Manzell, who manages the automated part of the contest, already works overtime making this stuff work for us for not much compensation other than the joy of doing it.  It's not fair to make him do more.  Plus this year there are hundreds and hundreds of entries, which means mistakes happen more often and they're harder to sort out.  In the end it's easier to tell you to be careful to enter your information correctly, which is just what we're doing.  We announced this at the beginning of the year and we're going to stick to it.  I'm sorry for those it's affected.  Hopefully this will be lesson learned for everyone.  The most important lines of that form are your name and e-mail address...correct and the same every time.  Take four seconds to make sure you do that so you don't lose out on that awesome score.

If either one of us did this for a living and had all day to sort out data the response might be different.  But this contest is free, done just because it's fun for you and we're nice people.  We want to be as nice as possible, but we have to have it this way to preserve our sanity and time.

--Dave (