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UPDATE (12.51PM): According to the Blazers, Brandon and Greg are both listed as questionable for the Heat game.

UPDATE (2.19PM):

According to Mike Barrett, "The Trail Blazers are officially listing Brandon Roy and Greg Oden as "questionable" for Wednesday night's game against the Heat in Miami. But, following practice on Tuesday afternoon, the feeling is that they'll both probably play."

According to Quick, Greg is "likely" to play and Brandon is "hopeful" and Quick "guesses" he will start.

So, we've got "questionable," "probably," "likely," "hopeful" and "guess" on the table for these two.  I am almost certain one of those words will prove to have been correct. 


A reminder: there are back to back Blazers movies playing tonight at the NW Film Fest.  Here's their website for more information.  First movie, Mania, starts at 6:30.  Second movie, Fast Break, starts at 9. I will see you there. 

Next, give a read to Mike Barrett's blog. He's got postgame audio up on the site already and he writes...

Greg Oden practiced with the team on Sunday night, and ran better than expected. In fact, it's even the hope of the coaches that he'll be able to go through Tuesday's practice, and perhaps be ready to return to the lineup on Wednesday.

Slow that bullet train down.  Just my two cents. Maybe you feel differently?

Casey has a ton of quotes as well.

Brother Wendell with quotes from both sides of the Channing Frye negotations.

Are y'all familiar with the Basketball Jones podcast -- produced by Skeets from Yahoo! and company?  Well, in last week's edition, Skeets calls Blazers fans the best fans in the NBA and shouts out Blazers Edge and the Oregonlive Blazers Blog.  Which was cool!  Check it out.

In case you missed it this weekend, Hendrickson got some good quotes from Blake about Brandon's miracle shot against Houston.

The Spaniards are coming!  Check out  They've been following the Sergio trials carefully.

Did you see Hoopsworld's power rankings? Eric writes, "Brandon Roy is a bad, bad man." We're up to #14 and that was before the Orlando win.

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