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Jersey Contest Reminder

Just a reminder that you can find the form for the Miami game Wednesday here.  Also at that page you can find links to the monthly scoreboard and scoreboards for all individual games.  We've had some sick high scores lately!

A couple things to note:

1.  I'm catching up on the bonus prize notifications.  Expect them by the end of the week.

2.  The Los Angeles game scoreboard is still listing incorrectly though the individual scores the administrator has access to are correct.  Here is how we're handling it:

--The L.A. game score is not listed as part of the November monthly scoreboard.  The number you got in the L*kers game is not showing right now in your final total.

--At the end of the month we're going to add the L.A. scores to anyone withing shouting distance of the leader.  We're doing it this way to avoid having to manually add in 300+ scores.  Instead we'll only have to tabulate 20 or so.  Be aware that the listed November leader is leading without those scores having been counted.  We won't know who actually won until they're factored in.

--Dave (