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Batum Postscript

In the locker room tonight postgame, Batum was mobbed by reporters. After he was done answering questions, he left for the bathroom area, only to return to his locker soon after to gather his belongings.  Unfortunately, the media was now swarming LMA's locker, which is near Nic's.  Nic was standing behind roughly 20 reporters and cameramen, looking overwhelmed.

Channing saw Nic in distress and asked him, "What do you need?"

Nic, iPhone in hand, dressed sharply but barefoot, said meekly, "My shoes."

Underneath the mass of cameras were Nic's shoes, out of reach thanks to the media swarm.

Channing smiled, looked at the rookie, shook his head, and said, "Well tell them to move then!"

Nic, in his French accent, said softly "excuse me" (I don't believe anyone even heard him) and slithered his way between elbows and shoulders, reaching down with his long arms to finally reclaim his shoes. Soon after, relieved, he departed the locker room to chat with friends.

20,000 people cheering your every move on the court; 20 media members blocking you from reclaiming your own dang shoes.  Aggressive enough to block Tim Duncan; polite enough to say "excuse me" to reporters.

Such is life for this rookie.

-- Ben (