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J.A. Adande Gets It

J.A. Adande wrote this column on reasons fans could and should flock to the Portland Trail Blazers.  It could well have come right off the pages of Blazersedge.  In fact it kind of was.  But if you'll recall for the last couple of years in those "be patient, watch the signs" posts I have said that one of the sure indicators that your team is getting legitimately good is that the national media starts catching up with the local scene.  Obviously that is happening in spades this year.  That doesn't make Portland great, of course, but it does confirm that the upward arc is not simply wishful thinking on the part of long-starved fans.  Enjoy it!  And if you like it drop a line of appreciation to Mr. Adande.

--Dave (

P.S.  Props to CaptainSexyJacob for noting this in the Fanposts earlier.