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Preseason Game 2 Recap (Sort of)

The Golden State-Portland game was not shown on DirecTV so I didn't get to see it tonight.  We'll have to wait for Ben's recap in order to get the story.  In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in some of the things I did manage to do today instead of watching the game.

1.  Wrote John McCain and asked him to stop using my song in his campaign.

2.  Brushed up my Sarah Palin impression in preparation for my guest spot on SNL.

3.  Attempted to figure out how to repartition my hard drive without reformatting and erasing all the data thereon.  Note to people who write online helps:  It never fails that an otherwise great and wise instructor will trip up in exactly one line of his or her instructions.  There will be several lines of precise and clear directions.  Then on ONE line, which evidently the author feels is self-explanatory, they will leave out critical information.  For instance the line will read, "You'll need to download a copy of File X here."  A link will be provided but it will lead to a page with 16 versions of File X and no instructions as to which one, or where to unzip it to, or even if you have to unzip it at all.  (Another favorite is the ubiquitous "Famboozle your springwhacker before you start" without any explanation of what famboozling is or where to find your springwhacker.)  The instructions following this critically FUBARed line are always clear as day too...if you could just get that far in the process.  It's like looking at the Promised Land across the Grand Canyon.  Hey, tech-geeks, if you are going to be helpful do the world a favor and be precise and complete in EVERY line.  Think like a novice!  Thanks.

4.  Taught Baby Point Guard how to pass through an opponent's legs.

5.  Ate six too many of those little candied Halloween pumpkins.

6.  Fretted like heck about missing a game that other people could see.

And that's about it.

Confidential to BlazerFan1...please stop sending the scantily-clad pictures.  I am a married man, after all.

Confidential to Mortimer...PLEASE stop sending the scantily-clad pictures.  For the love of God, PLEASE.

My poor eyes.

--Dave (