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Martell Needs a New Foot

Well, a few days ago I said that one of the top five storylines for the team this October was whether or not we would enter the season with 5 healthy starters.

Um, bad news...


PORTLAND, Ore. - X-rays taken last night of Martell Webster's left foot showed that the Trail Blazers guard suffered a stress fracture of his fifth metatarsal. The injury occurred during Tuesday night's preseason game against the Sacramento Kings. Further testing today, which included a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT Scan), confirmed the injury.

Webster will be further evaluated tomorrow to determine a course of treatment and timetable for his return.

When there's an update (probably tomorrow), we'll get that to you...

In the meantime, #25 all day homey don't forget it.

Just saw Timmay! had this first in the sidebar.  Good job, solider.

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