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Gameday Open Thread: Pre-Season Kings at Blazers (With a Small Helping of Sodium Chloride)

Here you go, folks...your first Gameday Open Thread of the year for pre-season Game 1.  Enjoy talking about the Kings and Blazers.

However, a small note.  Everybody's incredibly geeked up about this season, which is incredibly cool.  I still remember the days when the start of the Blazer season was met with mostly shrugs around town.  This is much better.  But after the relative drought of off-season information, the trickle of pre-season stimulus can seem like a torrent.  Beware.  It's a long season.  We're going to play 82 games in a row that count.  The least of those will be more indicative than the entire pre-season and training camp combined.  Have fun with the observations and all, but realize we're talking about the preliminary stages of what might be, not hard evidence about what is or will be.  Try to have a sense of humor and a little bit of "wait and see" about the conclusions we all try to draw, especially conclusions about individual players.  It'll make the next three weeks go easier.

--Dave (