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Season Previews -- Atlantic Division

Remember back, like, 10 years ago there were those link circles, where, once you found a cool geocities page that you liked, you could push forward or back on the circle icon and magically transport to other, related geocities pages on topics like Warcraft 2 or peanut butter or whatever you were scouring the internet for in pre-Google days.  Anyway.

This is like that.  A bunch of previews about a bunch of NBA teams, sort of lined up for your convenience.  There will be more posts like this.  This is the first one.  Don't flip out.  There will be a Blazers one at some point. 


bos.gif njn.gif nyk.gif phi.gif tor.gif

Boston Celtics
Jeff Clark:    
Jim Weeks: Green Bandwagon      
FLCeltsFan: LOY's Place
John Karalis: Red's Army
Dustin Chapman: Celtics 24/7

New Jersey Nets
Dennis Velasco: About Basketball

New York Knicks
Joey: Straight Bangin'
Seth Rosenthal: Posting and Toasting

Philadelphia 76ers
Dannie & Pete: Recliner GM
Jon Burkett: Passion and Pride

Toronto Raptors
Ryan McNeill: Hoops Addict
Cuzzy: Cuzoogle


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