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Blazersedge Night at the Garden 2008-09

How official is it?  Well we've got a flier! 

First, the info.

What:  A gathering of Blazersedge members at an actual Blazers game.

When:  December 27th versus the Toronto Raptors

How Much:  $17 per ticket plus processing fees.

How to Order:  See the order form on the flyer below.  (Click the link after the flyer to see it full-sized.)  Or contact Lisa Swan at the Blazers' office:   Phone: 503-963-3966  Fax: 503-736-2192  Make sure to ask for the Blazersedge section.

Tickets are ordered through the Blazers this year.  You can pay for them any way you'd pay for normal tickets.  There are only 68 left, so order soon.

Anticipating FAQ's:

1.  Since it is so close to Christmas I am thinking we will not have a formal get-together outside of the game at this event.  (If somebody wants to organize an informal one before or after and it picks up steam, so be it.)   HOWEVER we will have a second get-together this year, and I am thinking we will do that at a sports bar or restaurant in Portland during a ROAD game, so we can all watch and eat and talk together.  That will be in the spring, I'm thinking.

2.  It's possible we will also do the sending kids who can't afford to go project this year.  We need to see how the tickets sell for site members first.  If there are enough left over we will open this event for that.  If not we may try to arrange a separate block or separate event.


Click here to view/download/print the full-size flier!

I look forward to seeing you there!

--Dave (