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Today's Poll

What a difference an Oden makes.

Sean Meagher deserves a citizenship award for talking Jason Quick through some tough times on yesterday's Quick Chat. Meanwhile, Dave raised his voice more than once on the Blazers chat -- that's no small indicator, it's like when the Dalai Lama flips out over the Tibetan weather: you know things must be bad.

It's clear that Quick, Dave and you (and I!) would very, very much like to get some reassurances tonight. Something. Anything. Some evidence that lets us know that: Brandon Roy is still an All-Star, LMA hasn't gotten too comfortable with his jumper, Travis Outlaw can guard somebody, and, perhaps most importantly, that the group, collectively, is playing hard and smart enough to compete against the league's best.

Tonight should be a scene... let's hope it's more like a movie premiere and less like an overturned 18 wheeler on the Terwilliger Curves.

Today's poll is a simple question. Deliberate and explain yourself in the comments.

-- Ben (