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This Week's Podcast

Here you are, mostly hot off the presses.  Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, Casey Holdahl of Le Blog du Court Centre, and myself discuss everything you could ever want about the Blazers.  As you might expect this week's edition is fairly Oden-heavy, but honestly I believe you get a working through of subjects in this format that's just not possible elsewhere, so it's different.  On the radio you have to be so quick hitting and work in commercials.  On a blog you don't get the same dialogue.  So even if you've had Oden up to your ears it's probably worth a listen.  Plus we go into who the real staring small forward for the Blazers is, what exactly the team will need to work on, how probable it is that you'll see wins in the near future, and even more to delight you (including an official Gavin Dawson Bad Beat story). 

Download the mp3 here or click on the link to Casey's blog above to stream it.

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