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Today's Poll

Nate is taking heat for all sorts of stuff after the brutal loss to the Lakers.

There seem to be 3 major points of contention...

1) Batum didn't start. For a number of reasons: Outlaw is better off the bench, the second unit is more cohesive when Outlaw is the 6th man, Batum is the defense-first 3 that we need and like, Brandon endorsed Nic, etc.

2) Nate waffled on whether to start Batum or Outlaw. Some seem to hold Nate's indecision against him more than the decision. It's hard for a coach to throw a young player to the wolves. But to get his hopes up and then throw a 180 at him at the last possible moment? That doesn't help much either.

3) Duct-taping Sergio to the bench, despite his promising preseason. Was it that errant alleyoop that got under Coach's skin? Sergio barely played and it sounds like he wasn't entirely thrilled about that.

Now that there's a little bit of separation from the emotional torture of Tuesday night, which one of those 3 issues has you second-guessing Nate the most?

Vote then vent in the comments...

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