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Greg Oden on Crutches at Chipotle

I have no other new information but I do have this picture for you.


This just came in via email from Amit, a picture taken by his friend Farhad.

Amit writes...

I work in downtown Portland, and for lunch a coworker and I decided to go to Chipotle for lunch around 1:45pm we were leaving with our food, G.O. walked in donning a boot and coworker took pics with his cell phone in a very non-challant manner, but it looks like Greg has a positive outlook, he was laughing and chuckling with people, and I asked him about his thoughts on San Antone and Phoenix this weekend and he said he can't wait, so maybe this isn't that bad after all, I guess the final MRI report is gonna tell us whats really going on.

Obviously I can't verify this information as I wasn't there but I can tell you that Amit is a Blazersedge member.  I thought I would share this.

-- Ben (