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No Update On Greg

Just got back from the Practice Facility.  There was no update on Greg as of 2PM.  More information is expected after 5PM tonight, according to a team employee.


Update: According to 95.5, an announcement will be coming at 3:30 PM.

Update 2: Obviously 95.5 was fronting, there's not been an announcement yet.  We'll let you know once there is.


Obviously, Greg was not at practice.  I was a little bit late-arriving but I also did not see KP or Tom Penn at practice today.

As for Coach Nate and the players, the attitude seemed to be business as usual, as much as that was possible. The mood was actually not as somber as I was expecting.  The players were very serious but didn't seem "down." There wasn't any joking but that is to be expected the day after a disappointing loss to a major conference rival.

Brandon noted that "I haven't beaten [the Spurs] since I was a pro."  He was focused on looking towards that game and was very clear, repeatedly, that he was not "looking for any excuses" about last night's performance. When asked if he thought Batum should have started or if Outlaw starting threw him off his game, Brandon said "Nicolas or not, I didn't do anything to help the team."  Brandon also said he hadn't spent a ton of time thinking about Greg. "We were so disappointed after the game," and "it really hasn't sunk in that Greg wasn't there."

Remember a few weeks back when Greg said that he was tired of answering questions about his health?  I got the impression that Brandon is also tired of answering questions about Greg's health. I don't mean that in a negative way.  Just matter-of-factly.  Greg's health is clearly something that Brandon cannot control. 

Brandon concluded by saying, "I'm ready to go with or without [Greg]."

Channing was the only other player to talk extensively to the media. He stated that the team "has worked too hard" to let one bad game get them down.  He pointed out that they had a hard practice today and pointed over to where Jerryd Bayless was riding a treadmill, emphasizing that they were still working to improve even after the difficult practice.  Channing also seemed resigned to the fact that the team needs to be ready to play with or without Greg.

Wish I had more information for you.  My suggestion is to continually reload tonight for news regarding Greg...

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