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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. L*kers First Half

Here is the open thread for the first half of tonight's game.  Traffic is heavy and getting heavier.  Remember if your thread is slowing down it does help somewhat to turn off viewing avatars.  In the upper left sidebar click "Edit Settings" and look for the pull-down menu that says "Diplay member avatars / profile images".  Switch the selection to "no" and then click "Update" at the bottom of the page.  Also turning off the Live Update Comments will prevent 40 new comments from being loaded while you're reading which should improve load times for those with really slow computers.  You'll have to refresh the page manually to see new comments then.  Finally, please do not post pictures in these Gameday threads.

Enjoy talking about the game with your friends and neighbors!  Back at the half to update the thread.

--Dave (