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Gameday Links

This is as good of a time as any to point out that the Gameday Thread will stay on top of the page on game days no matter what, so be sure and check under it a couple times as the day progresses to see updates.  Since this is Game 1 we'll leave this up here for a couple hours then move it below.

In case you're wondering how to pass the time until 7:30 ('s TNT...until 7:56 when the first game and its interviews and post-game analysis get done) here are a couple of links.

This is an NBA blogger roundtable for ESPN the Magazine online.  A couple of the questions are about the Blazers and Terry Porter (separate issues).

Also has a video segment on Steve Blake right on their opening page.  You need a flash player and you have to wait for it to load, so be patient.  Good stuff!

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