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Today's Poll -- Oden vs. Bynum

I think I heard something about there being a game today? Can any of you confirm that?

Before you vote, check out Bust a Bucket with a ton of opening night content -- including a comic of a snake-charming Blaze the Trail Cat and a conversation with the enemy.

Also, last week I missed linking up Dwight Jaynes' season preview and this funny post about hand-holding new fans. Personally I like it when new fans flip out so rather than take Dwight's advice of calming them down, I say take away their meds and pass them the Red Bull.

And, if you haven't already seen it, he's got a link to video of Andrew Bynum making it rain at a club. No offense intended but Bynum looks like a dork in the video. I can hear him thinking, "Am I doing this right?" Look AB, Making it Rain is like dunking -- go hard or go home.

Anyway, vote in the poll and make it rain comments by discussing tonight's #1 matchup. What are your expectations, stat-wise or otherwise, for Oden? How many minutes will he get? How will you celebrate his first dunk?

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