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A Welcome to New Folks and a Heartfelt Urging to Veteran Members

One of the great things about belonging to a community like Blazersedge has been the remarkable increase in traffic and conversation over the last couple of years.  Every single milestone along the Blazers' growth from malcontents to fledgling contenders has brought a bump in traffic for this site and many of those people stick around for the long haul.   This season, the first playoff fight in many a year for Portland, will be no exception.

For those who are just joining us, welcome!  I hope you will find the best, most extensive, most enjoyable Blazer coverage here that you could imagine.  We're doing everything we can to work hand in hand with your other media sources to round out your picture of your favorite team.  You'll also notice that this site is fully interactive.  Through our Fanposts and Fanshots in the sidebar, through the comment list, and even through e-mail with the authors you have a voice and a venue to express it.  That's what makes this a true community and not just a couple of guys blabbering.

If you are new, feel free to hop right in with a comment or two.  We ask only a couple of things:

1.  Please keep the site family friendly by not swearing (even in abbreviated or masked form).

2.  Please keep the quality of conversation incredibly high by listening as much as you speak and by respecting people even when you disagree with them.  Debate and discussion are always encouraged but flame wars are a no-no at Blazersedge.

Now the request for veteran members...  Please help us continue the growth and spirit of this community by being wonderful hosts to all our new folks when you see them.  This also involves a pair of directives:

1.  Keep the quality of conversation high yourselves.  Nothing makes me shudder more than reading careless words strewn everywhere without a thought beyond the speaker's prerogatives.  Have a care not only for your point, but for the way you say it.  The first may be important but the second will leave a lasting impression about this site.

2.  Give new folks a break and be as kind and accomodating as possible.  Yes it's important to uphold site standards but people can't learn everything in a day.  Be patient when somebody doesn't quite get the distinction between Fanposts and Fanshots, for instance.  Address their topic and affirm them speaking out at least a couple of times before you offer guidance about how to sort information and comments.  Nothing's more discouraging than preparing your first post and having the first comment read, "This doesn't belong here!"  You may be expressing the letter of the law but the spirit is a little lacking.  If someone is flat-out trolling or dropping F-bombs everywhere that's different...but you can call that to my attention and we'll deal with it then.  Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to be a great ambassador for this community with everyone who comes to visit.  In the long run our success depends on you.

I hope everyone enjoys the season and the site!

--Dave (

P.S.  Walking through the recently flagged comments I feel the need to state something obvious.  Please refrain from making comments that are racially or religiously derogatory, even in jest.  You may think you're being amusing but it's, like, an ounce and a half of funny and about six pounds of annoying plus two liters of offensive on the side.  Repeated offenders will be booted.  I don't feel like I should really have to say this kind of thing...please use some common sense about public conversation, eh?  And if you must dabble in politics keep it non-nasty as well.