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Ultra-Important Jersey Contest Update

Our guy who does the Jersey Contest forms got hyper-vigilant and went back and added a score prediction for tomorrow's game (in the process of adding the others for later games).  This means if you have already filled out a form, you should probably go back and re-do it to add a score prediction.  The form lets you edit up until game time so just enter your screen name and e-mail and you're good to edit it.

Update:  Apparently the form re-sets when you edit, so you will have to click on your answers again too.  Sorry about that.  The need to re-do to add scores is a one-time deal and won't happen again.  In any case, clicking a few answers takes seconds only.

The link is here.

If you have no idea what we're talking about when we say "Jersey Contest" click here.

--Dave (