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Happy Season's Eve!

Welcome to Season’s Eve!  Tomorrow evening the 2008-09 NBA season officially begins, and what better way to open it than against those scurvy L*kers and their band of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells?  Tomorrow you will get to see the full Blazersedge machine in action, with the first official preview of the season, the Gameday Open Thread in full action, recaps, and more!  It’s going to be quite a ride and I’m glad you’re on it with us.


For a foretaste of the season’s fun check out the Blazersedge Jersey Contest thread right below this one.


While we are waiting for the morrow, let us enjoy the heady fruits of Season’s Eve with unabashed talk of how wonderful it’s going to be.  The record is scrubbed clean.  There’s no evidence to the contrary and nobody to say us “nay”.  Let’s fill this thread with all your hopes and dreams for the upcoming season.  Not predictions…not rational speculation…anything you hope or dream to see this season:  individual performances, team goals, more of your favorite player…whatever you choose!  Have at it in the comment thread and let’s see how many different dreams we can chronicle.


If you want a sampling of what it’s like to be a Blazer fan right now, check out this article by Casey Michael, a student at Rice University.  Great stuff!


Great article on what it feels like to be a Blazer fan.  


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