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The Blazersedge Jersey Contest is Back!!!

Welcome to the start of a new season, recognized officially by the resumption of the Blazersedge Jersey Contest.  Every month of the season we'll be giving away a Blazers replica jersey to the person who gets the highest score in the contest.

Here are the rules in brief:

1.  Click on the link offered for each game to fill out the contest form.

2.  Only ONE entry per person or family!

3.  Each form (except this first one here, which is slightly different) will have a place for score and bonus questions.  You get more points the closer to the final score you get.  You get points for correctly predicting the winner of the game via your score predictions.  You get points for getting the bonus questions too.  Usually these total to 100 total points possible.

4.  A perfect form on any game (except this first one) wins a jersey immediately.

5.  We have smaller bonus prizes for hitting a magic number with your score.  This year to celebrate the Blazers' only championship that number will be 77.   The first prizes we have up for grabs are headbands that say something like, "Never Lose!" in Japanese.  Guaranteed to be good luck for you and the Blazers.  If you get a score of 77 I'll be asking for your address to send you one.

6.  Only one bonus prize can be won per person per month and only one jersey can be won per person each season.

7.  There's a Grand Prize Playoff at the end of the season for serious loot.  Monthly winners are automatically entered as are those who have consistently high monthly point totals.  It behooves you to keep playing even if you think you're out of the running for a jersey in a given month.

Important Note:  There is one, and ONLY one thing you have to do after clicking the link to be entered...that is filling out the form correctly.  Note that the form has a place for your screen name and an e-mail address.  Those MUST be the same EACH TIME YOU ENTER if you want your scores to be counted correctly.  WRITE DOWN the name and e-mail you enter with so you can use it each time!  If you cannot manage this simple step we cannot help you.  Your scores will not be totaled correctly and you will be out of luck.  We will not be correcting these kind of mistakes this year.  Post-it note...edge of monitor...your screen name and e-mail you're entering with.  You have been warned.

OK, enough of the serious stuff.  Here is the form for Game 1.  There's no score entry here because of course everybody wants to root wholeheartedly for the Blazers to thrash the L*kers.  Just some bonus questions to get you started with the season.  [Edit:  My bad, the score prediction is now in there.] Enjoy!

Here is the form for Game 1 of the 2008-09 Blazersedge Jersey Contest.

--Dave (