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Podcast Link

Here is the link to today's podcast with Casey Holdahl of the Center Court Blog, Gavin Dawson of 95.5 The Game, and me, Dave from Blazersedge.  Usually I include a link to Casey's blog site if you want to stream the podcast but I'm on dial-up here in Vancouver which means every site I try to load takes, like, half an hour.  Could somebody please help us out and put the link to the Center Court Blog podcast post in the comments?

Also fair warning that for the same reason (and because technically I'm on vacation) I probably won't be getting to my e-mail very much until Sunday or Monday.  Be patient with me if you're writing.

Here's the podcast .mp3 feed.  We talk about Oden vs. Quick, even MORE Channing Frye again, who besides the Big Four (that's Rudy too right now) will be the most key and who will be the most tradeable, and about 45 minutes of other fascinating stuff.

--Dave (