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Uh Oh

Hardwood Paroxysm dropped their Blazers season preview

And while it's almost unilaterally positive, this paragraph did sneak out in the section in which they "manufacture hate" about each team....

You want reasons to hate this team? How about the fact that they haven't actually done anything yet? Meanwhile, Greg Oden thinks you are being a meany weany to him. Please. Step up, big boy. All you've done so far in the league is brush off our nickname (which we're still using), and walk around hurt. Not impressed, kiddo. You want the expectations to ease off? Go play D-League. Otherwise man up and keep that goofy smile you always have on your face.

Uh oh.

And unless I'm mistaken, they also wrote about 5,000 words without including any mention of "Sergio" or "Rodriguez."

Uh oh.

Head over to HP and read their preview. And, if you're so moved, leave a comment for the good folks over there. 

UPDATE: The Big Lead also has a short Blazers preview today.  It ends with, "we have some cigarette money on the Blazers to win the title." He also didn't name-check Sergio.  Donde esta el amor?

UPDATE 2: This just arrived in the email box.  NBADraft.Net has their Blazers preview today as well.  They've got us at 2nd in the NW division, which is obviously right where we'd like to be.  And this one mentions Sergio.  Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner.

UPDATE 3: Not a true season preview post, but Dwight Jaynes does offer some insight into each player based on last night's game and charts some of these insights to season-long predictions. 

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