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OK, I've thought through this Blog Ambassador thing and here's what I've come up with.

--I'd like to start with ambassadors to SBN blogs only right now.  This will keep the scope limited and besides SBN has quite a few bloggers whose writing is worth way more attention than they're probably getting.  That happens with new blogs and we've added a bunch.

--The list of SBN basketball blogs can be found in the left sidebar.  Some of you have already put dibs on a team and that's fine.  E-mail me and remind me who you are so I can get your name on the master list.  The rest of you who are interested can also e-mail me and let me know and I'll assign you to any blog/team that's open.  For those interested in teams that don't have SBN blogs yet, they're probably coming around the bend soon.

--The ambassadors will have a couple of main responsibilities:

1.  Keep up with their SBN blog on a regular basis and let us know when something interesting comes up.  Most of this can be done in the Fanposts.  We don't need daily updates or the sidebar will overflow, but I imagine all of these blogs will write something fascinating, good, or even applicable to the Blazers every couple weeks.  So every week or two remind us what's going on.

2.  Offer comments on their SBN blog when any Blazer-oriented questions or thoughts come up over there.  This will obviously intensify around the time Portland plays that team.

3.  Offer comments on their SBN blog when they appreciate the writing or for whatever reason...just generate a few discussion points for other blogs.

4.  Give us at Blazersedge an "enemy's-eye view" as part of the Game Preview when we play the team.  You don't have to break down the opposing team as much as break down what the opposing team's blog is talking about and finding important about their team and/or the matchup at that time.

If you're willing to be an Ambassador e-mail me and let me know.  (Subtle hint:  one of the first qualifications is the ability to understand the difference between "e-mail me" and "leave a comment in this post".)  This should be a great and fun way to get to know about other teams and writers plus a nice way to spread B.E. love all over the blogosphere.

--Dave (